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OKAPI LI ALIAS QUICK LI /(^O^)\ + ^-^ + -<(OO)>-
3 years old. Pet. The barking-spider-cat. Easy to caress, a mixture between a dog, a cat and a monkey. Her real name is Ho-K-Api and she’s very afraid of Grizz-Li bears. But because she is a ‘barking-spider-cat’ she can swing double-quick from tree tot tree, so it’s almost impossible for any Grizz-Li bear to catch her. In case she does get caught there’s an emergency plan. With one bark, Kirabo rushes to her aid with his water gun. And with two barks baby Kymani will deal with the Grizz-Li bear. That won’t be a pretty sight. OKAPI'S CATCH OF THE DAY With a part of the proceeds of Okapi Products
Save Endangered bonobos in the Congo rainforest
The world's entire wild population of bonobos, a species of great ape most closely related to humans, is in danger of extinction from bushmeat hunting and habitat destruction. The rainforest of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the only place on earth where wild bonobos exist, is threatened by logging and human encroachment. The mission is to protect bonobos, preserve their tropical rainforest habitat, and empower local communities in the Congo Basin.

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Friend.Li in Artbox €350,-

Technique: Lambda on dibond, finished with matt perspex. Size 22,5x31cm.