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17 years old. Club dancer. Sweet and very smart. Looks are important to her. Is stylish. Loves gadgets; purses, necklaces, scarves. Goes other to cool clubs, dances and jokes around a lot. Mae and Love Li are always together. Eating taps or dims on Sunday. Afternoons are their favorite activities. Unlike her sister, Mae Li is a man-eater. Recently she got stuck in an elevator. Danst in clubs. Lief en heel slim. Uiterlijk belangrijk. Gestileerd. Houdt van hebbedingetjes; tasjes, kettinkjes, sjaaltjes. Gaat uit in clubs, danst, maakt veel grapjes. Mae en Love zijn altijd samen. Tapas eten of dimsum op zondagmiddag is één van hun favoriete bezigheden. Mae is in tegenstelling tot haar tweelingzusje Yana een mannenverslindster. De laatste keer bleef ze steken in de lift. MAE'S CATCH OF THE DAY With a part of the proceeds of Mae Products
HIV Prevention Skills for Zambian Teens
Unsafe sex has become the fastest-growing health threat to young people, for girls it is even the number 1 health risk. Zambia has the second largest HIV epidemic globally with daily infections as high as 200 each day. This charity is determined to change this. In the poor outskirts of Lusaka, Zambia, they empowers young people to be the change they want to see, to develop the personal leadership skills they need for healthy sexual choices and relationships and to feel confident about their future.

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Technique: Lambda on dibond, finished with matt perspex. Size 22,5x31cm.